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Modern-day films in black and white don’t do it for me. I simply find it impossible not to wonder what everything would look like if the director hadn’t decided to «go indie». As for Nebraska, it took me about half an hour to get into the film and forget about the lack of life on the screen, but once in, I was amused by the depiction Alexander Payne had done of some of the elderly characters. I don’t know whether they could be deemed realistic or not, but they felt much so.  

Still, the story was somehow repetitive and slow at times and the fact that I didn’t identify with any of the characters made it very difficult for me to feel close to them. There were two moments in the film, however, rendered memorable by Angela McEwan‘s performance. The actress embodies to perfection the sweetest old lady ever to appear on film. Her watery eyes in one of the last scenes of the film are priceless. What a pity I don’t feel the same way about the rest of the movie. I may need to be my mother’s age to like it as a much as she did.



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