Dreams do come true

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I have always dreamed of getting paid to watch films.

Some years ago my dream came true. While living in London I used to make some extra cash babysitting and the first night working for this new family, the parents just told me the baby was sleeping and I believed them. I had then nothing better to do than choose a title out of their DVD collection and sit comfortably in front of the TV.

I still remember my two first films as babysitter/movie watcher: Rope and Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock. And I also remember how it felt when my employers came back home and placed £40 in my hand. That was the beginning of a great working relationship which lasted a couple months. Then they moved out and I was left wanting more.

Now I am lucky enough to be writing reviews for a film website. And even if I have a full-time job that stops me from saying yes to all the pre-release screenings that I would like to attend, I still get my fair share. I do not get paid, but I do not pay for those movies either, so it is a great deal. Who knows, maybe one day this will be my full-time job and my hobby at the same time. Until then, I will just keep dreaming.

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