Kon-Tiki vs Spring Breakers

I love me a good double feature. Two is the perfect number of films to enjoy in one sitting, mainly when the second movie starts right after the first one and you get to skip the annoying ads and trailers. That being said, if one of the movies ends up being a failure, it should never be the last one you see. That is the fastest way to ruin a good cinematic experience.


The first film I saw today was Kon-Tiki, which tells the story of Thor Heyerdahl’s intrepid journey from Peru to the Polynesian Islands, on a quest to prove that American Indians were the first to reach them. A history class like no other: fun and exciting. The main actor, Pal Sverre Hagen, may look too overwhelmed at times, but he still does a good job. So does each and everyone of the supporting actors.

Spring breakers

After tremendously enjoying myself, I went and spoiled it by getting a ticket to Spring Breakers, the biggest hogwash I have seen in a long time. I was very close to leaving the cinema but feared the cold wind waiting outside would kill me and I decided to stay and have a laugh at what I was witnessing: girls in bikini flicking their fingers, girls in bikini drinking, girls in bikini cocking guns, girls in bikini being dumb…

The writer and director, who could easily be working for MTV, must have run out of ideas and decided it was best to keep repeating lines, scenes and sound effects ad nauseam.

And the winner is …

There are films that shouldn’t be considered as such, but as terribly bad jokes. Spring Breakers is one of those and that is why Kon-Tiki‘s trailer is the only one to grace my site with its presence.

Kon-Tiki                                                                  Spring Breakers




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